Letters to the Editor

Loyalty, no; preserving law and order, yes


Some may have viewed a recent comment from Congressman Adam Kinzinger on Fox News saying the FBI has become too powerful of an organization.  

This is the same FBI that uncovered the sexual abuse and porn by the Michigan State University doctor against more than 150 innocent young girls and women.  

The same FBI that sorted through bank records to determine that a mere clerk had stolen $53 million from the coffers of Dixon. 

The same FBI that got a judge to approve a wiretap that determined, as governor, Rod Blagojevich was shaking down the head of a children’s hospital for donations and holding up hospital construction monies that would help sick kids.  

The same FBI that investigated former Congressman Aaron Schock’s travel organization, which supposedly was to help voters navigate Washington but there was money involved. Plus the FBI uncovered Schock’s very profitable real estate dealings that are now being reviewed by a court. Same Rep. Aaron Schock who said his best friend in Congress is Adam Kinzinger.

Sorry, Mr. Kinzinger. I respectfully disagree. The head of the FBI doesn’t have to be of the same political party or pledge loyalty to the president. The head of the FBI is to keep us safe by leading it to keep this a nation of law and order. Something, Mr. Kinzinger, you seem to have forgotten.