Letters to the Editor

Reading about religious Reagan


After reading about the favorite books by the Sauk Valley Media Editorial Board [Feb. 2] in the Telegraph, I wanted to share a book that I have recently read, “God and Ronald Reagan,” that can be found in the Reagan Collection at the Dixon Public Library.

Even though Reagan was perceived to be a man who was private about his religious beliefs, author Paul Kengor, while doing research for another Reagan book, found much information on Reagan’s spiritual insights.

As Kengor states in the preface: “Yet, there it was – an endlesstrail of religious remarks that coursed unmistakably through his papers and letters. Almost everywhere I seemed to look, there he was: the religious Reagan, motivated in every aspect of his life and career by his spiritual convictions.”

In the acknowledgements, after thanking Marion Emmert Foster, daughter to Reagan’s Sunday School teacher, and local historianRon Marlow for their assistance in his Dixon research, he ends with this touching tribute: “Ultimately, it is to the people of Dixon, Illinois, that this book owes the most, particularly a small group of individuals who lived there in the 1920sand 1930s, especially the Cleavers, the Waggoners, and Jack and Nellie Reagan.”