Letters to the Editor

Salutes sheriff for 29 years of service to county


To Sheriff Kelly Wilhelmi:

I would like to thank you for your 29 years of service with Whiteside County. Your service includes 9 years as county sheriff, and as a Whiteside County Senior Center Board member. You have shown to be a great decision maker for the county in all areas.

I have been a citizen of the county since 1953, and have known the past sheriffs. Kelly, you can find your feet under the table with the best of them.

By reason of your service to the county, I propose a Kelly Wilhelmi Day at the Whiteside County Senior Center.

For people who have not visited the center, stop by and shake hands with Kelly and have a nice home-cooked meal for $5. You can get acquainted with the center activities, and meet employees of one of the best centers in Illinois.