Letters to the Editor

Time to limit high-capacity gun magazines


In response to the March 30 SVM Editorial Roundtable question about repealing the Second Amendment:

I purchased my first .22 rifle at age 13, and had already owned a BB gun for a couple of years for Junior National Rifle Association Gallery Training in high school.

Fall and winter hunts on our farm were a kind of tradition with my dad, his brother, and a couple of friends. Back then, there were hay fields, pastures, and fence rows with rabbits, pheasants and occasional quail. 

Shooting sports are now on ranges. They take on a much different style of guns, some of which employ the use of high-cap magazines of more than 30 rounds. 

The politicians allowed the “mag cap” limits law, which restricted the rounds. I believe it was five in the rifle to run out (no renewal). Now it’s unlimited. 

Very big mistake. More rounds, more targets, more victims. 

Go back to limits of five in rifles, and single-stack pistol clips (10-round maximum) – less bullets, less victims. 

Our politicians made a very tragic mistake years ago when they phased out the mental patient schools and hospitals, in favor of prisons (such as the Dixon Correctional Center). 

We are not going to completely stop the problem, but we have to try to cut down the odds. The days of easy access to our schools has to stop, even if it costs money. There is a lot of technology, such as I.D. cards with tracking capability, retina scan I.D. cards to open external doors, palm print I.D. to open turnstiles, explosive detectors that pick up small amounts – this technology has been used at nuclear plants for years. 

My mother said to her dying day – when they took God out of the schools and let the devil in, “My grandchildren are priceless.”

Are yours?