Letters to the Editor

A challenge to our age: Let us be peacemakers


I appreciated the comments from Jay Charleston appearing March 24 titled “Moral awareness should be part of student protests.”

Student walkouts and protests without teaching them the history, reasons and responsibility for it is wrong. It is teaching them rebellion and disrespect, and it is dangerous.

Understanding and moral awareness should be taught and stressed in the school environment. There seems to be so much anger in the world today, and it is so evident as we observe not only our school systems, but our home and family lives.

We sit back and wonder, “What is happening to our society,” when our children are afraid to attend school, and parents are afraid to allow their children to have the freedom that many of us had when we were younger. How sad!

Moral awareness of right and wrong is embedded in all of our human hearts, according to our creator, God. He gives us the desire and ability to live peacefully with our neighbors, but our sinful nature may oppose that desire.

When we were born, we had not sinned, but because of Adam and Eve’s sin against God, we all have a sinful nature. We had to be taught how to rebel as we grew up in society.

There are those who have been taught love and respect in the home and in society, and they are what God calls “the peacemakers.”

Stop and ask yourself, “How can I be a peacemaker in my family, neighborhood, town, or country?” We can all make a different in this world by obeying God, our creator’s counsel, and teach each other how to live peacefully by our example and care.

Let’s all give it a try.