Letters to the Editor

Don’t penalize all the law-abiding gun owners


In response to the March 30 SVM Editorial Board Roundtable question about repealing the Second Amendment:

I do not like much of what Jeff Rogers and Kathleen Schultz have to say. 

Those behind gun-control legislation do wish to abolish guns by doing so in steps. Look no further than Sora or Bloomberg to prove my point. 

To own a gun in Illinois, you must have a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card. Every time you buy a gun, privately or from a dealer, you have to file paperwork and the State Police run a check on you. I am a hunter, target shooter, and own a gun for personal protection. I live in rural Whiteside County; when I call the police, it could be 30 minutes or more before they show up. 

I am a lawful person who, if I want to, should be able to own an AR-15 if I want. Some would say this type of gun is only used to kill people. This gun is used in hunting, recreational shooting, and home protection. Any gun can be used as a weapon for mass destruction.

We have thousands of gun laws on the books, but many are never enforced. Yes, what is happening at our schools across the nation is terrible. The FBI and local police had many tips about the Florida high school shooter, but sadly, they did nothing to intervene. 

Our country as a whole has many things to face to change events like this from happening again. Taking guns from honest people who have had background checks, waiting periods, and follow the laws, will not change what evil and sick people want to do. 

I wish more states would use FOID cards to help stop these sick people in the first place. Criminals will always have access to guns, regardless of laws.