Letters to the Editor

Elect someone who represents region's needs


Many residents of the Sauk Valley are continuously worried about their ability to pay for health care. When we send a representative to Washington, we expect that person to advocate for us and work to find solutions to the issues that keep so many awake at night.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s voting record on health care indicates that he does not have the compassion, the will or the desire to improve our current health care funding crisis.

In fact, the American Public Health Association ranked our congressman ZERO out of 100 points based on his 2017 voting record. This ranking was based on his anti-public health votes on such things as methane emissions, family planning restrictions, clean air protections, and insurance mandates.

We do not have to put up with a congressman who clearly does not vote based on the needs of his constituents. You will have choices on Nov. 6. Do your homework and exercise your right to be represented by someone who understands our needs.