Letters to the Editor

Disturbed about decisions backed by congressman


I find it very disturbing that our “Rubber Stamp Republican” Congressman Adam Kinzinger continues to applaud the Kabuki Theater playing in a continuous engagement at the White House.

The list of shows Kinzinger has recently applauded:

“Keep Away from the Target, Act Two,” launching $26 million worth of missiles to Syria, after notifying Syria and their Russian-backed forces ahead of time so that they could move everything out of the way and avoid serious losses; meanwhile, defense company stock (in which Trump is invested) skyrocketed again.

Then there’s the daily matinee of “Main Street Middle Class,” which is not playing well with the billionaire tax cuts. Kinzinger’s own party cohorts, like Sen. Marco Rubio, are publicly admitting that companies have not been investing in people and paychecks. Surprise! They’ve been investing in themselves.

In “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” a new study reported by The Hill shows that more than four million Americans lost health insurance last year after the Republican hack job to the Affordable Care Act. Notably, the majority that lost it were Republicans.

And finally, in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s West Wing,” we continue to get chaos and propaganda nonsense instead of class and respect from the highest office of the land. This chaos continues to chip away at our international standing and has a direct impact on the security and economy of our nation and the world.

I look forward to applauding Kinzinger’s “Final Act” this November.I hope that all of Kinzinger’s constituents get tickets for that show.