Letters to the Editor

Buy poppies, help veterans on Poppy Day


Poppy Day, May 25, is a day to honor the fallen and support the living.

The American Legion asked Congress to designate the Friday before Memorial Day as National Poppy Day. The custom can be traced to 1918, when Moina Michaels had the idea to wear a poppy flower in memory of lives lost in World War I.

The Legion adopted the poppy in the early 1920s as its official memorial flower.

The Legion, led by the Legion Auxiliary, has supported the military by promoting the meaning behind the flower.

The flowers are made by hospitalized and disabled veterans as a form of rehabilitation and a source of income.

In 2017, the Legion distributed nearly six million poppies, and raised almost $4 million toward help for veterans and families in need.

When you see these volunteers, please donate to help our veterans.