Letters to the Editor

Let American churches take in immigrants


It is becoming distressingly obvious that our world is threatened by acts perpetrated by evil leaders, just like when they almost destroyed Europe in World War II, and even now are destroying their own people – such as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

People of good conscience must do more now to save America, as we know it, for our children and grandchildren.

I would like deserving central South American immigrants to be accepted into America. There are about 6,000 churches, and each could sponsor one family to help them become self-supporting.

After World War II, St. John Church in Sterling sponsored Latvians dispossessed by the war. Every Latvian became a contributing, self-supporting citizen. Vietnamese were assisted in Morrison, and Somalians seem to be doing well in Minneapolis.

Fires in Eastern Europe, Korea, Iran, Ukraine, and South America are burning with different intensities, and smokes of revolution are knocking on America’s door.

It seems that United Nations members sit around their comfortable tables doing nothing while the world burns.

The United States should never be the world’s policeman, for that was the U.N.’s assignment. Member nations should empower their militaries to South America to kill and destroy evil people who make living in those countries so dangerous and frightening, that busloads of South Americans flee to America.

The United Nations should clean up, remove, and militarily make South American countries (and elsewhere around the world) safe places to live. For then, our immigrants could return to their homes where they prefer to live. And, the immigration problem might solve itself.