Letters to the Editor

Role models sending mixed signals to youths


People wonder why our youths are not living up to the standards we teach them, bullying people, and not treating people like you would want to be treated.

The reasons our youths are confused are as follows.

The people that should be setting examples are letting them down: sports figures, movie stars, politicians and dignitaries making the news over a shooting, fight, or abuse to a loved one, or drugs.

In school, they are taught about history and peaceful protest, but if they practice what they are taught, they are threatened with punishment. The schools don’t practice what they teach. Some schools threaten students with expulsion, no prom, or not being able to graduate with their own class.

In Arkansas, two young men took part in the nationwide protest and were given a choice of 2 days expulsion, or two swats from the principal. The two young men took the swats. They said they wanted us to sit down and shut up. When our youths are receiving mixed signals, they are going to be confused.

The president should be setting an example for our youths. He has let them down as he is a cyberbully with all of his tweeting slanders and derogatory remarks about people.

It becomes a permanent record in print, and he can’t say he didn’t do these things. It makes me wonder how many lawsuits will come from these tweets.