Five things to check on your car before taking a road trip


After winter hibernation, the arrival of spring is an ideal time to take a road trip and embrace the fresh air with the windows down!

Whether you’re driving a short distance or making a lengthy spring break trip, Moore Tires wants to ensure your car and family are prepared for the adventure ahead.

Here are 5 things to check on your car before getting on the road this spring:

1. Inspect your tires.

Visually inspect your tires for damage. Make sure they are filled to the manufacturer's recommended pressure to maximize safety and fuel economy. The tires should have a good amount of tread left.

2. Check the brakes and battery.

Before any road trip, you should have your battery and brakes inspected. A no-start situation when you are far from home can be a travel buzz kill, and a brake problem can spoil your relaxing road trip.

3. Get an oil change.

Fluids are critical to the overall health of your car. You are better off changing your oil ahead of schedule than going over the recommended mileage during your trip.

Moore Tires recommends getting your oil changed before you hit the road, as well as checking other fluids like antifreeze, washer fluid and coolant.

4. Pack an emergency kit.

A set of jumper cables or a fully charged jumper pack can be a huge asset if an unexpected situation arises. Bring along a small tool kit that includes a 5/16 wrench, which fits most battery side posts.

A first aid kit and extra food and water as well as a flashlight are also a good idea to have in your vehicle.

5. Get your paperwork in order.

Double check you have any necessary documents available before you leave on a trip. This includes proof of auto insurance, vehicle registration, driver’s license and a roadside assistance contact number.

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